Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is my players league age? 
A: Find the link to the chart here.

Q: What does my registration cover?
A: Partial uniform including: Team Jersey, Hat, Belt and Socks (Pants will be chosen by team manager and will need to be purchased before opening day). Your fees also contribute to field maintenance, lights, league equipment, umpires, concession upkeep, and more.

Q: What do I need to register?
A: Typically a driver's license, birth certificate, proof of school your child attends and a bill with your address (Cable, Water, Mortgage, etc.).

Q: What are the boundaries to be eligible to play in CLLL? 
A: Boys and girls, ages 4-14, who live in Canyon Lake, Canyon Hills, Westridge and Lake Elsinore Hills are eligible to play in our league.  You can enter your address on the Little League website to determine if you fall in our boundaries.  

Q: We do not live in Canyon Lake, how do we get gate access? 
A: We have provided the Canyon Lake gate attendants with our list of registered players.  You will need to enter through our left guest lane, provide them with your players name and your drivers license to be issued a guest pass.  

Q:  Are there any volunteer opportunities?
A:  There are plenty of volunteer opportunities you can do for both your team and for the league. At the team level, you can volunteer to manage, coach, assistant coach, team parent, or scorekeeper (AA and above) for your team. At the league level there are also many opportunities that you can participate in including opening day ceremonies, field maintenance, picture day, and procuring team/league sponsorship. 

Q: Does CLLL have a payment plan?
A: While we do not offer a payment plan through our website, it is possible to make some accommodations in special cases.  If you are in need of an accommodation, please Email our Board to discuss. We also have a scholarship program- you can find our more information here.

Q: Does CLLL allow registration fee refunds?
A flat fee $25 per player for processing a refund or for returned checks.  The processing fee will be applied to ALL REFUNDS.  Once teams have been formed and/or uniforms ordered, no refunds will be provided.

Q: When and How long is the season?
A: The Little League season starts at the beginning of February for practices, with games actually starting in March going through late May (one-week break for Easter TBA).

  • Spring Season Starts: Saturday morning, March 4th will be our opening ceremony with games to follow. 
  • Spring Season Ends: Saturday morning, May 20th will be our closing ceremony with our closing day activities/carnival to immediately follow.  
  • Post Season Tournament: Mid-May
  • All-Stars: Early June through July (plan vacations accordingly)
  • The Post-season tournament play is for the Minor AA and above. The Tournament play can last days up to (2) weeks.

Additionally, your player may be selected for All-Stars. If selected, we encourage a commitment to participation and will advise you of the dates/timing involved. (June through July.  If team advances then longer)

Q: When are Spring evaluations?
A: Evaluations are held in January, to allow our Managers/Coaches/Board Members the timing to evaluate your player and make an appropriate division selection. All players wanting to play AA and above are required to attend one of our evaluation session, with our main session being on Saturday and a weeknight makeup night during the following week. 

Q: When is Spring opening Day?
A: Opening Day will be the Saturday morning, March 4th 2023. We suggest carpooling and arriving early as parking fills up quickly.

Q: What happens opening Day?
A: Player parade, Welcome from the CLLL President/Local Officials, Minor AA/AAA/Majors/Juniors Game kickoff.

Q: What is expected at player evaluations (tryouts)? Are they mandatory?
A: Player evaluations are mandatory for AA players and above levels and provide a snapshot of the player’s skill-level. Player evaluations include but are not limited to catching, throwing, hitting and running skills. Each player is rated by several Team Managers, Coaches and Board Members on a scale and given an average mark. Those players are then matched with like players and appropriate division based on their overall skills.

Q: How many Manager/coaches are there on a team?
A: There is (1) Team Manager and typically (1-2) coaches that will assist in player development. Parents are encouraged to participate in coaching as it assists the Manager/Coaches and creates a continued bond with the player. If you would like to help on the fields or dugouts for practice or game days, you will need to complete the background check process and be cleared to volunteer.  

Q: What time and when are the games held?
A: This varies between divisions, please check out our calendar for dates and times.  Lower division games (Tball and A) are played Saturdays at Gault Field, unless there is a special accommodation made for weather at which the coaches may work on moving the game to a weeknight. AA and above typically have 1-2 games per week, so they play one weeknight and one Saturday.  No games are played on Sundays.  

Q: How many practices a week?
A: Typically, 1-2 practices a week, depending on level of play.  Manages and Coaches set the practice days and time once teams are assigned. Your team Manager will let you know the practice schedule.  

Q: When will I be contacted about a team?
A: Typically, (1) week after all evaluations are completed.  Once teams are confirmed, we will announce it on our socials, you will receive an from Sports Connect and Managers/Coaches will begin to reach out.  

Q: How can I assist the league?
A: Volunteer as a Manager, Coach, Umpire and/or auxiliary Board Member, snack bar worker, scorekeeper, field maintenance, Saturday set up and tear down crew.  Just ask a Board Member or your Coach/Team Mom. 

Q: What can I do to prepare my player for the season?
A: Take your player to the batting cages, practice catching/throwing/batting at a local park.

Q: What can I do to stay informed throughout the season?
A: Follow our CLLL Facebook, Instagram or this website. 

Q: Who are the CLLL Board Members?
A: CLLL Board Members consist of Volunteers who give off their time to make sure that the league operates smoothly to allow our players and their families to have a positive Little League experience.  A listing of our board members, with contact information,  can be found here.

Q: My player has a health issue that I would like kept confidential. To whom should I speak and how.
A: Please speak directly to the assigned Player Agent for your player’s division. A listing of our player agents, with contact information,  can be found here.

Q: If we have a concern, question or request during the season, what is the best way to handle it?
A: Please speak directly to the assigned Player Agent for your player’s division.  Please speak directly to the assigned Player Agent for your player’s division. A listing of our player agents, with contact information,  can be found here.

Q: Can I request a particular team or coach for my player?
A: Team and/or Manager/Coach requests may occur at the Minor A level or below. We do our best to make these requests happen, but they are not guaranteed.  

Q: What kind of equipment do I need?
A: At the very least, a good glove. Rubber-molded spikes / cleats would also be a sound investment. Before spending a lot of money on a bat, please visit the Little League link of approved equipment. We have been given discount coupons from DICK'S Sporting Goods if you would like to purchase your child(ren)s gear there.   

Q: When are games and practices?
A: As soon as the kids are placed on teams, the coach will reach out to you with a practicing schedule. Game schedules will be released before opening day.  This will be the schedule for the entire season.

Q: What gear does my child need to be ready for practices and games?

Practice: Wear practice pants, tee shirt, bat, batting helmet, glove & cleats, water bottle and backpack/bag with hook to contain their gear. Boys also will need to wear an athletic supporter with a hard cup. We have been given discount coupons from DICK'S Sporting Goods if you would like to purchase your child(ren)s gear there.   

Game day: Wear uniform pants, jersey tucked in, belt, team hat, matching socks, long hair tied back, no jewelry, and cleats. Bring bat, batting helmet, glove, water bottle and backpack/bag with hook to contain their gear. Boys also will need to wear an athletic supporter with a hard cup. Boys also will need to wear an athletic supporter with a hard cup. We have been given discount coupons from DICK'S Sporting Goods if you would like to purchase your child(ren)s gear there.   

Q: When are teams selected? What is the process for team selection?
A: Upon completion of the registration process the league will determine the number of teams to be formed within each division. This typically occurs following the tryouts/evaluations in January. The draft typically occurs around the end of January.

Teams are selected, based on the criteria of their official Little League age and their individual skills. The manager and coaches evaluate the player's abilities during the tryout process. This is an objective evaluation of the child's baseball skills. Three basic skills are evaluated during the tryout: throwing, fielding, and running.  Managers will then evaluate and grade each child on basic form, ability to track the ball, player's arm strength and ability to run the bases.

Each Manager then uses the evaluation information they gathered during tryouts as part of their selection criterion during the draft process. The basic objective of tryouts is to rank all the players based upon their age and abilities so that when the teams are drafted, teams can be equally balanced. 

Q: How many teams are in each division, and how is that determined?
A: The number of teams in each division may vary from year to year, as this is a function of how many children register, their ages, and their skill level.

Q: What is required of parents time in terms of volunteering?
A: Each family is required to work 2-3 snack bar shift(s) per child they have in the league.  Each team needs to have an official Team Sponsor, but you are encouraged to help bring in additional businesses as sponsors of our league.  More information can be found on our sponsor page.

Q: How do we sign up for our snack bar shifts? 
A: Please schedule your shift with your team parent once game schedules are sent out.  Team parent will have date, day, and time of shift(s).  If you do not pick your shift, your Team parent or the Snack Bar Scheduler will automatically assign them to you.  

Q: What if I am unable to cover my snack bar shifts? 
A: You are responsible for coverage of your assigned shift in the Snack Bar. This can be a parent, grandparent, family member, “buyout” worker), or “community hours” worker (see our snack bar page for more information on a buyout worker or community hours).  If you or the person you have lined up to cover your shift fails to show up for your assigned shift, we will be forced to cash your $100 snack bar deposit check.

Q: What is our $100 snack bar deposit check for? 
A: On the first day of practice, please bring your medical release form and a $100 snack bar shift promissory deposit check. (one check per child you have in the league- max two $100 checks). This is required prior to your child having their uniform issued.  Checks ONLY, no cash or credit cards accepted.  Check written out to CLLL.  This check is not deposited, but held as a promise to work the snack bar.  If you complete your snack bar shifts as assigned, the check is shredded after the season is over.  If you failed to complete your assigned shifts, your check will be cashed immediately if you fail to work or get coverage for your shift(s).  

Q: Where can we buy CLLL clothing?
A: Our snack bar sells hats, sweatshirts, t-shirts and tank tops.  Stop by when our snack bar is open for games to pick up CLLL gear for the whole family.  

If you have more questions, please email our board so that we can assist you! 


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