Volunteers & Contacts

Shift Coverage Contacts

If you cannot work your shift(s) YOU need to find coverage to avoid your $100 promissory deposit check(s) from being cashed.  Jessica will assist you the best she can in helping you get coverage, but please understand it is not her responsibility to cover your shift(s).  We have a list of volunteers you can contact that will work for community service hours and/or some that will work for $25 per shift.  After you have found coverage, please contact Jessica Cleveland with this information at [email protected]

Shift Coverage Volunteers

Volunteer Snack Bar list for buy out:
Mayra Frias. 805-404-6916
Marcus Frias (teen) 805-404-6916
Rula Katsouridis (teen) 310-714-6559
Dryden Garrison (teen) 951-476-8898
Charlotte Templeton (teen) 951-531-5616
Emma Bowman 951-252-4747
Lexi Kooiman 714-350-4001
Rylee Benson 951-580-9041
Joie Murillo 951-639-4076
Olivia Coles 951-550-6347

Volunteer Snack Bar list for high school/community service hours:
Hailee Miller 951-953-1592
Bryanna Schmusal 951-834-8859
Manuel Rodarte 951-448-8469
Sophia Yoshida 951-570-0338
Kaliah Watkins 951-370-0248
Olivia Coles 951-550-6347
Joie Murillo 951-639-4076

Canyon Lake Little League

31566 Railroad Canyon Rd., #651
Canyon Lake, California 92587

Email: [email protected]