Volunteers & Contacts

Shift Coverage Contacts

If you cannot work your shift(s) YOU need to find coverage to avoid your $100 promissory deposit check(s) from being cashed.  Mayira will assist you the best she can in helping you get coverage if you are unable to, but please understand it is not her responsibility to cover your shift(s).  We have a list of volunteers you can contact that will work for community service hours and/or some that will work for $25 per shift or $35 per shift if the request is last minute, you are responsible for paying your shift coverage worker.  Note, that paying for coverage should be prepaid and non-refundable.  After you have found coverage, please contact Mayira Frias via text at 805-404-6916 with this information.

If you fail to show up for your assigned shift, your $100 snack bar deposit check will be cashed within 24 hours without notice.  

Shift Coverage Volunteers (only two Teen Volunteers per shift)

Volunteer Snack Bar list for buy out, $25 per shift or $35 per shift last minute scheduling:
Matthew Frias 805-404-6916
Aubrey Cleveland 951-345-3268
Charlotte Stewart 951-579-0294
Megan Carstensen 949-412-5315
Dylan Oliva 909-262-1597

Lexi Kooiman 714-350-4001 (Considered a Adult)

Volunteer Snack Bar list for high school/community service hours:
Bria Hofmann 951-434-7155
Rachael Barnes 714-856-2290
Bernard Lee (B3) 951-409-8455

Local Sponsors

Canyon Lake Little League California

31566 Railroad Canyon Rd., #651
Canyon Lake, California 92587

Email: [email protected]